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Professional, Experienced and Personalized Service.

Finding the right detailing service can be challenging and a little scary. You want to pick the best one to do the job right, giving proper care to your vehicle at a good value.

We are the best value in town!

We recognize the importance of repeat business and referrals from our satisfied customers so we make every effort to be the detailing company you are looking for.

We love what we do and have over 25 years experience. We have been properly trained to care for the many expensive and delicate surfaces your car has.

At Protekt, all the products we use are among the best in the industry. We have done extensive research and testing to insure your vehicles get treated right with products that perform well and are safe for each delicate surface.

Special attention is given to emblems, trim, door jambs and all cracks and crevices


Do You Need Machine Paint Polishing?

Take a look at your car on a sunny day. Inspect the paint surface from different angles. Does it look like the bottom portion of the picture below? If so, then machine paint polishing is the best way to restore the finish and maximize it's beauty. Some waxes have oils that will fool you into thinking these scratches are gone. The effect of these oils is very temporary and within days they will return.

This kind of paint damage is common and is usually due to improper washing or polishing of the vehicle.

Special attention is given to emblems, trim, door jambs and all cracks and crevices

The Protektion™ Detail

Focused on Cleaning and Protecting All Surfaces Inside and Out
Prompt, friendly and personalized mobile service. Our focus is on thoroughly cleaning and protecting each surface.

EXTERIOR - approximate time 1-1.5hrs (two man crew)

  • Thorough hand wash and dry without marring the finish
  • Clean wheels and apply wheel sealant
  • Decontaminate the paint using detailer’s clay for a smooth finish
  • Apply premium paint sealant by hand (4-6 months durability)
    Want more durability? We can apply a ceramic coating for the best protection that lasts years learn more
  • NO SWIRLS! Other detailers include them, we do not. Our washing and buffing techniques insure no marring or swirling of the finish.
  • Tires, door seals and all trim treated.
  • Clean the windows inside and out. Streak free
  • Special attention is given to emblems, trim, door jambs
    and all cracks and crevices. No white residue
  • Clean and dress the engine (Only upon request, add $25)
Protektion Detail Pricing

INTERIOR - approximate time 1-1.5hrs (two man crew)

  • Detailed vacuuming
  • Dry steam clean carpet/upholstery & all interior surfaces
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Clean and treat dash, steering wheel, consoles & door panels. Never shiny or greasy
  • Air freshener upon request
Protektion Detail Pricing

EXTERIOR & INTERIOR - approximate time 1.5-2hrs (two man crew)

Protektion Detail Pricing

add Machine Paint Polishing

Revives Gloss, Clarity and Depth to the Finish
Corrects paint marring, swirl marks, buffer trails, scratches and other paint imperfections, reviving gloss, clarity and depth to the finish.
(Corrects 90-99% of these defects) approx. time added 1.5hrs

machine paint polishing prices


add Show Car Machine Paint Perfecting

For the Absolute Best Possible Show Car Finish

This service requires an evaluation of your paint finish to determine how extensive the polishing will be and might require more than one day to complete. Ask us for a free evaluation.